The technological advances that are available around us are making products that used to be only accessible to government agencies CCTV Cameraand high power corporate firms, available to the average consumer at our very fingertips. Mobile technologies have come along such leaps and bounds, that mobile viewing CCTV is now available to almost anyone with a camera, tablet or smart phone. This technology is becoming increasingly popular, so let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is mobile viewing CCTV?

Mobile viewing CCTV is any system that let’s you view from your smartphone. There are a lot of different cameras available to film the stream, but most of them will connect up to iOS or Andriod.

Camera’s that can be used for mobile viewing can range in price. From normal electrical retailers, you will be able to pick up a smart camera with this connectivity for anything between £30 and £50. These camera will not be as high quality but they still do the job. More expensive ranges of camera’s have no limitations what-so-ever.

What are the benefits of using a mobile connected system

There are many benefits of using a mobile system. Not only can you monitor your property while you are away, but you can also use them on a day to day basis to do other things like monitor pets. There does not always have to be a sinister undertone to these devices, but it does give good peace of mind, especially if you have a loved one having home care. The benefits of the mobile monitoring system include the following:

They are cost effective

Many closed circuit television systems can be costly, not just for the actual product but also for the installation. Installing multiple camera’s in and around your home is one cost, but the monitoring systems is another.

They are more discreet

Smart cameras and mobile viewing systems are a lot more discreet than bulky installed systems. The cameras are very small, and 9 times out of 10 you can use an existing camera you own, like a GoPro.

They give you peace of mind

A mans home is his castle, and no one likes the thought of the castle being unattended. This shouldn’t stop you from living your life, and enjoying short breaks and holidays. Although you cannot physically do anything if you are away and monitoring your property, at lease you can raise the alarm.

You can also screenshot or record video on these mobile viewing systems if you need to use them as evidence.

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